Multiplayer Map "Rust"

AC-130 Killstreakの動画に登場したマップ(マルチプレーヤー)の動画がアップされました


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gametrilers.com MW2特集

Chapter 1: Gary Get Your Gun
Modern Warfare 2 brings the fight to the homefront. We find out about the war on US soil and Task Force newcomer Gary Sanderson.

Chapter 2: Search & Destroy
Find out how the sequel to Modern Warfare takes multiplayer action to a whole new level. Also, Amanda reports from Indiecade.

Chapter 3: ...Unto the Breach
Check out the first footage of 4 Spec Ops missions packed with surprises, including a never-before-seen enemy: the Juggernaut!

Chapter 4: Ending on a Cliffhanger
Infinity Ward showcases the engine that created the pulse-pounding race in Cliffhanger. Plus, GameTrailers reviews Uncharted 2.

Multiplayer Interview